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Our company pays attention to carrying on the cooperation of the technology and business with the domestic and international professional companies of environmental protection. Kelin Environmental Engineering designing institute of company has 49 people, among which 11 researchers and senior engineers and 15 engineers who specialize in the development of new products and the design of environmental equipment & project. Our company`s technical force is very strong , and also possesses environmental designing qualification awarded by State Bureau of Environmental Protection. There are in the competitive product of the company over 20 pieces of independent intellectual property rights and the national patents and scientific and technical results of provincial and ministerial levels, and over one hundred of specific patents products.
In order to develop high-practicability technology, our company have bulit a enviromental protection center of provincal lever and taken efforts to cooperate with international professional environment protection companies to develop and exploit new equipments. Our company developed the domestic market towards high temperature fume dedusting and has been keeping chinese dedusting technology towards boiler ahead in the world. Our company possesses 2nd designing qualification.

Major special own technologies:
• Fume desulfurize of waste incinerator and bag cleaning technology
• Dedusting technology towards coal fired boiler(power plant & thermoelectricity plant)
• Dry dedusting technology towards coal gas from blast furnace of steel plant
• Cleaning technology towards fume from electricity furnace of steel plant
• LT dry dedusting technology towards converter of steel plant
• Dust cleaning technology towards raw material of steel plant, cast house and ore tank
• Dry dedusting technology towards coking plant and coke dry quench
• Cleaning technology towards food processing industry
• Dedusting technology towards cement plant, rotary kiln,milling machine,etc
• Dust cleaning technology towards machine manufacturing, shot blasting ,casting process.
• Dust cleaning technology towards tobacco,medincine and light industry.
Major patent technologies as the following:

• Step in reverse air structure for bag filter
• Rotatry nozzle pulse bag filter
• Rotary arm model line pulse bag filter
• Plate style enforcement wind cooler
• Filter bag supporting structure
• Low-resistance venturi inductive style cage assembly
• Flexible self-adapt seal butterfly damper
• Pressure-style no leakage damper
• High-efficiency pulse jet blowing pipe


By now successfully developed projects are:
 1 national “Seven•Five” key project
 3 projects of national “torch” plan, 2 key projects of “torch” plan
Ž one innovation project of national important equipment made in our own country.
Ž one project of “prosper trade by science and technology”
Ž one provincial project of “resolve key problems by science and technology”
Ž one provincial Project of “transform of great achievements”Awarded records for products:


Products have been awarded:
Π4 titles of national key new product
 2 titles of third prize of scientific technology for environmental protection
Ž 27 titles of new practical patents
Ž 1 invention patent application has been accepted
Ž Nearly 20 titles of national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress


Participating in revising and framing national standards & industrial standards for the recent 3 years.
•Installation technological requirement and acceptance specification for bag filter
•Bag filter for coalfiring boiler
•Handling device for fume from waste incineration
•Technical conditions for machinery installation of electric filter
•Pulse jet bag filter
•Wet electric filter for coal gas
•High-pressure fan bag filter group
•Internal filtration various cells reverse air bag filter