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Advantageous equipment

  The company has now established three professional production systems, one for small and middle fabric filter, one for large fabric filter and another for electrostatic precipitator for special industry. We have 12 main workshops, and the larger workshop for manufacturing structural components near 10 thousand square meters. The workshops have advanced equipments such as large laser cutting machine, multi-side processing center, photoelectricity tracing cutting machine, numeric control puncher, imported multi-side drilling and milling machine, flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, multi-work station turret punch, automatic submerged arc welding machine, CO2 protection welding and hand welding machine, hydraulic plate shear, CNC Press Brakes, numeric control bending machine, pressure machine, automatic welding line for H steel, derusting and coating craft line, 6 bag cage production lines and automatic sewing line for filtering bags, for which the management method of technical flow of automatic, half-automatic and manual manufacturing of filter and sheet parts is practiced.
   Meanwhile our company has established advanced and dependable testing & experiment center for researching and developing dedusting technics, which possesses advanced hardware and software system of computer for engineering, research and development, and precise airflow- survey device and computer simulative testing device. All those devices helps on researching resistance to air flow in various bag filters and performance of pulse cleaning 。

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