Group brief introduction
   Introduction of company
   Enterprise culture
   Enterprise vision
hot flue gas bag filter
pulse bag filter serials
reverse air bag filiter serials
unit filter
electric filter
cyclone filter
electrical control
filter’s fittings
dust-conveying device
Enterprise Culture

Management target :
establish world-level brand and manage first-rate enterprise
Management faith :
create values for customers, opportunities for the staff, and treasure for society
strict management, credible quality and wonderful creation
Enterprise spirit:
sense of responsibility for work, cooperation and innovation
Quality policy:
quality of Baodai filter/pursue perfection/meet customers' expectations/embody designs/highlight effect/persistence/painstaking innovation/foundation of survival

Environment policy:
purify the atmosphere, benefit the people, clean production, beautify the environment, prevent and deal with pollution legally, save energy and reduce waste, pragmatism and high efficiency and persistent efficiency.
Under the leading of a stable and aggressive leaders group, the Company has built a technical team of good quality, a strong sales force and well functioning teams of manufacture and service. At present, there are 35 senior engineers, 2 experts who enjoy the China State Council Special Allowance 。 Among the staff group there are NPC deputies & members of Chinese PPCC of Province, city and region, labor exemplars of various levels of province, city and region, and excellent commie and communists and advanced representatives from various industries. The Company has been awarded many prizes for achievements in science and technology. The advantage of unique talents and hard-studying staff provides a strong background for the high-speed development of the Company.

All staff members pursue the ideas of Unity, Pragmatism, Pioneering, and Innovation. Staff members are the pillars of the company for development. Our staff members possess strong senses of responsibility, and they never stop perfecting themselves during work. So each of them can show his or her personality in totality and jointly create boundless resplendence. Facing the challenge of knowledge economy and economical globalization, it is necessary for the Company to maintain the key competitiveness of the enterprise.