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Brief Introduction of Company
  Kelin Environmental Protection Equipment, Inc. (Original name : Wujiang Baodai Dedusting Co., ltd.) was established in April, 1979, and is now one of the largest enterprise for the professional design, fabrication, sale and service of environmental equipment in China, especially in the area of bag filter. The area of Kelin is 200 thousand square meters, therein including 120 thousand square meters of building area.
For many years, our company walks the innovation road of independent Research & Development and Introduction & Absorption, attaches importance to market and technology , and spares no efforts to adjust industrial structure. We designed and developed more than 30 series, 400 kinds of bag filters which have been used widely for flue gas treatment system and material recirculation in various industries, such as metallurgy, building material, machinery, casting, light industry, chemical industry, grain processing, utility boiler, waste incineration, etc. The products have found a ready market in China and also exported to nearly 20 foreign countries and areas such as Japan, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Egypt, America, and South Korea, etc. The exporting sales account for 40% of the gross sales.
In order to develop and broaden foreign business we actively develop and maintain longterm cooperation relationship of technology and business with many famous foreign advanced academies and foreign companies such as EEC U.S.A, Shinwa Corporation Japan, Nihon Spindle Japan, Nippon Steel Plant, JAF, SAMTKE Denmark, Holland College of Science and Engineering, Japan Inhaler Company and Siemens VAI, etc.
With the blessing of strategies of scientific innovation, intellectual property and exclusive brand, the developing Kelin Group is going to persist in independent innovation, keep the most advanced status in the dedusting technology of industry in China.
The Evolution of Company
1979(April26) BaChe Dedusting Equipment Plant
1986     Wujiang Dedusting Equipment Plant
1994     Wujiang Dedusting Equipment Plant (group)
1999     Wujiang Kelin Group · Wujiang Baodai Dedusting Co., Ltd.
2006     Jiangsu Kelin Group · Wujiang Baodai Dedusting Co., Ltd.
2007     Kelin Environmental Protection Equipment, Inc.
1) 1980年公司生产出第一台除尘器LSB顺喷脉冲除尘器,并通过部级鉴定。
2) 1986年公司注册“宝带”商标。
3) 1988年公司的产品第一次出口到国外,是国内最早出口企业之一。
4) 1993年国家领导来公司视察并题词。
5) 2003年日本进和公司渡边会长夫人-日本著名画家渡边洋子,作画《吴江追思》赠送给公司,
6) 2006年“宝带”牌袋除尘器荣获“中国名牌产品”称号。
7) 2008年公司获批设立博士后科研工作站。