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hot flue gas bag filter
pulse bag filter serials
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dust-conveying device
brief introduction of group
Jiangsu Kelin Group Co., Ltd., original name Wujiang Kelin Group Co., Ltd. was established in April, 1979, which specializes in constructing project for environmental protection and manufacturing environmental protection equipment in the range of atmosphere pollution treatment, and design and fabrication of thin plate structure products in industry and building material glass furnace shell.
Kelin group fully take advantage of domestic and foreign resources to exploit and broaden the two markets in home and abroad, and has established joint venture and cooperation relationship with nearly 10 international famous environmental designing and engineering companies. And Kelin’s products have sold to as far as Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, India and so on.
Strict management, credible quality and wonderful creation has been pursued by Kelin as enterprise tenet to establish enterprise spirit of faith, cooperation and service and faithfully provide customers with first rate products and service, and create boundless resplendence continuously.
Five titles of implementing company of the national “torch plans”
Vice president company for China environmental protection industry
National key high-tech enterprise
Advanced science & technology enterprise of national environmental protection bureau
National enterprise strictly abiding by contract and keeping promises
The first 100 enterprises of world production rate self-innovation in China
Exemplary Company of guaranteed quality and reputation
Exemplary company of scientific innovation for saving energy and reducing emission
While proceeding with the business service of designing & production, Kelin Group is actively carrying out capital business to make group’s industry foundation more strong and industrial chain more perfect. In recent years Kelin brought in some active talents of high qualifications to promote Kelin group into new era of scientific R & D, business broadening and international communication.
Meanwhile wth the strong sense of social responsibility, Kelin doesn’t forget to pay back the society. Over the past 30 years Kelin has donated nearly 30 million Yuan in respects of charity, public benefit and preferential treatment for families of servicemen and martyrs. And Kelin is awarded glorious titles of National “5.1” advanced group of labor, Civilized company in Jiangsu and one of the ten charity enterprises of Wujiang, etc.
All the factors such as international flow of capital, international transmission of industries, reserve energy and reduce emission has become necessary, more strict requirements on environmental protection of the whole world have all worked to supply kelin with new chances for development. After 30 years’ quick and stable development, Kelin staff has again sensed a strong confidence. Facing the ultimate vision of “purify the atmosphere, and benefit the people”, Kelin staff will keep the passion of pursuance.