Dry electric filter for converter


Model: LT
Diameter of cylinder electric field body: 9.0m~12.6m
Gas volume for dry cylinder electric filter: 100000~175000 Nm3/h

Comparing with that for WDS, Cylinder electric filter for DDS is simpler, no need of treatment device for sewage and dehydration device for silt, so the investment and covering area is lowered, and dust content of recycled coalgas is low, just 10mg/Nm3. The application of the advanced technology of DDS has pushed the technology of recycling and purifying converter coal gas to a new stage. The cylinder electric filter for DDS has various strongpoints such as low investment, small covering area, low energy consumption, high cleaning efficiency, convenient operation, reliable running, and is suitable for DDS of 100~300T.

As the main device of DDS the electrostatic precipitator is set with four electric fields, and mainly consists of cylinder, transfer girder, inlet/outlet cone, gas distribution plate, discharging electrode, collecting electrode, suspension device, rapping device, heat hood, safety explosion relief valve, pin wheel scraper and chain conveyor and so on.

Electrostatic filter is designed as cylinder, and flue gas enters filter in shaft’s direction and passes through 3 layers of gas distribution plate, which helps gas move evenly in plug shape on sector in cylinder electrostatic filter to avoid gas mixing so as to lower explosion possibilities. Safety explosion relief valve with selective on/off is set at both ends of electrostatic filter to lead the possible shock wave. Gas flows through the discharging electrode in the electrostatic filter and the grounding collecting electrode. Dusts in the gas are collected by collecting electrode due to electric field force, and shook to filter’s bottom by rapping device. Pin wheel scraper regularly scrapes the dust gathering at the lower part of electrostatic filter to the chain conveyor at the lower part of filter. And transfer the dry dust containing FeO to the storage silo, and then transfer the dry dust to the gathering silo in the block system through pneumatic conveying system.
Kelin also manufactures auxiliary equipments for DDS, including evaporation cooler, coalgas cooler, dust storing material and conveying system, etc.
Our company’s goods of cylinder dry electrostatic filter have found an ready market in Brazil and South Korea, etc.


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