Filtration cylinder dedusting assembly


LZLM serial folding filtration cylinder pulse cleaning filter
Model: LZLM-12~LZLM-40

It is suitable to be used by process location with large volume and limited covering area.
Folding filtration cylinder used by equipment can filtrate area four or five times than that of common bags.
This equipment covers small area so it’s convenient for erection and shipment.
Folding filtration cylinder is designed to be arranged vertically, possessing better cleaning effect and less resistance comparing with horizontal arrangement.
A lift cover is set on top of the equipment, realizing replacing bags outside and easy maintenance.

LZLD serial folding filtration cylinder unit filter
Model: LZLD-16-Ⅰ~LZLD-32-Ⅰ

This serial products have been well designed and manufactured for the specific condition of large volume and small covering area.
Folding filtration cylinder adopted as filtration element for the product can filtrate areas four or five times larger than that for common bags with the same diameter and length. So filter’s volume can be less so as to decrease covering area and space for handing the same gas volume.
Investment, total cost for the project and basic construction fee have been lowered because of smaller volume of filter. And covering area and space is lowered as well.
It is easy and convenient to move and erect due to smaller volume.
This serial filters can be widely used for dust treatment and recirculation in fields of welding flue, chemistry, products of light industry, grain, pharmacy, electronics, foundry, metallurgy, timber, etc


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