Model MDC coal-grinding bag filter


Filtration area:48m2~750m2

Use anti-static filtration material. Anti-explosion structure with warning of super temperature and pressure-releasing device, and can link with butterfly damper to let in cold air to lower temperature, thus possesses good performance of explosion release, suitable for fabrication system of coal powder and collection of explosible dust.
Mechanically active parts for the whole machine are few so less maintenance is needed. Inspection hole is set at the top for conveniently replacing bags.
Sub-dedusting cells are set, so there are two degrees of dust collection.
Prismatic bags with high unit arrangement density are used.
Use sub-compartment reverse air pulse flow to clean dust. With good cleaning effect an high dedusting efficiency (﹥99.8%), it can be running efficiently for long term.
Cleaning is to be finished by control system of reverse air fan, solenoid valve, pulse valve and cylinder. The control styles of time, resistance and manual are to be chosen as you wish.



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