Model ZCⅢ rotary reverse air flat bag filter


Filtration area:38m2~1140m2

ZCⅢ is designed based on many years’ practice and absorbing strongpoints from foreign goods of the same kinds.
Dusty gas enters into filter in tangent direction from the top, separated and then filtrated, functions as two levels of dust collection.
Bags are flat bags with trapeziform section, arranged in radiation in cylinder. There’s more 32% filtration area for these flat bags with trapeziform section than that for round bags in the same cylinder. So filter with flat bags can fully take advantage of space and take up smaller area.
The reverse air fan matched to machine is not limited by compressed air.
With less wearable parts and reliable operation, it’s easy for maintenance and management. Anti-explosion product can be offered for safety in case that it is applied for explosible gas with dust.


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