Three-phrase reverse air baghouse MODEL LFSF Z/D


Model : LFSF-2/ Ⅱ -80-800 ~ LFSF-D/ Ⅱ -18300
Filtration area : 800m2 ~ 18300m2
Volume : 28800m3/h ~ 1098000m3/h

Three-phase reverse air cleaning type, increasing dedusting efficiency and prolong the operation life of bags.

New and reliable tee throwback valve and dished tee valve guarantee the tight seal of vlave and sufficient dedusting.

Air inlet in hopper and filter bag attachment structure. Easy to operate and change bags.

Hopper internal new structure can prevent dust briding in hopper.

New double blocking valve or rotatry discharging valve makes easier to discharge dust.

About 20 sets have being for third project of Baosteel 3rd steel plant of shanghai and 1st steel plant of shanghai.

Widely used in dust control and recycling in many industries such as building material industry, metallurgical industry, electric power industry and founding industry and so on.



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