Model LLF series prismatic rotary reverse air bag filter

Filtration area:160 m2~750 m2
Volume:9600m3/h~67500 m3/h

Prismatic flat bag possesses large arrangement density as proper characteristic for flat bag, and there’s 20%~40% more filtration area for flat bag than that for round bag with the same volume, and overcomes the defect of flat bag that adjacent bags may stick to each other, which will influence cleaning effects, and even cause jam. At present this is a kind of ideal bag structure.
Adopt rotary switch valve. As for reverse air, one valve of reverse air cleaning valve instead of more valves to clean cell by cell. Simple structure and tight arrangement, lower one time investment and daily workload of maintenance, ensure stable operation of dust-collecting system.
Adopt reverse air cleaning dust. No need of compressed air.
The convenient lift cover and advanced fixing style of bag ensure tightness of structure and convenient disassembly as well, also realize replacing bags outside and decrease labor tensity.

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