Cylinder low-voltage pulse jet bag filter MODEL LYDZ


Model : LYZD4 ~ LYDZ104
Filtration area : 2.6m2 ~ 92.1m2
Volume : 156m3/h ~ 27630m3/h

The first approved product of state grain reserve depot.

With function of dust primary settlement by cylindrical tangential air inlet.increasing the dedusting efficiency.

With new microprocessor control technology,which technical data can be adjusted willfully.

With explosion device,creating safe working environmental for workers.

Low- pressure direct pulse jet technology, cleaning bags thoroughly prolong operation life of diaphragm valve.

Air pump can be provided together with the equipment for users, which make the users easy to operate.

Know-how spring band bag structure, not only easily assemble, but tight seal .

Many discharging devices such as taper hoppper , flat drag and flange type, which lower the height of filter and easy to operate.

Widely used in dust control and recyling of many industries including grain depot,rice mill,flour processing, fodder and light as well as pharmaceutical industry and so on.


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