BFG Dry Dedusting Facility –Model LCM/M Pulse Jet Baghouse With Long Bags


Model : LCM/M ~ 2900
Filtration area : 1250m2 ~ 2900m2
Volume : 8 × 104 ~ 9.5 × 104 m3/h

This product is the latest dry dedusting facility for blast furnace coal gas, which has many advantages such as low cost, small floor space, low energy consumption, high clean efficiency, easy operation, stable running and so on compared to conventional coal gas pressure-adding reverse air bag filter. It is utilized in gas cleaning of 380~5000 m3 blast furnace or other larger volume blast furnace. The following is main features:

To guarantee safety production ,it has cylinder pressure-resistant casing diaphragm relief explosion valve.
All key parts are imported, which improve the stable running of the whole unit. Among the key parts:

Ⅰ. The operation life of pulse valve is more than 1,000,000 times.

Ⅱ. Accurate Level tests of hopper.

Ⅲ. Leakage annunciator on the casing feeds back quickly and tests accurately.

Continuous temperature of bag is 260℃, the peak is up to 280℃. The life can be guaranteed 24 months when the gas temperature of blast furnace is around 200℃.

Long bag pulse is adopted for filter’s cleaning system. Low-pressure nitrogen pulse blowing system has lots of advantages.

Nitrogen without moisture and contaminants is the most ideal cleaning medium and the consumption is small. The pressure reverse air fan, a lot of valves and ducts are removed by nitrogen cleaning system. Not only is the cost lowered, but also energy consumption is reduced, operation is safe and automation is low.

The using of cleaning method of long bag low-pressure pulse improves the dedusting efficiency. The outlet emission is lower than 5 mg/m3 ( normally about 3 mg/m3) after the gas is filtrated. The problem of gas relief when the reverse air cleaning takes place is solved. No pollution to air.

PLC for the control system can be operated automatically. The operation is stable and maintenance work is reduced.

This product has been successfully applied in blast furnace of 350 m3, 750m3, 1050m3, 1880m3, 2500m3, 5000m3 of domestic steel companies.

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