Off-line pulse jet bag filter with long bags Model LCM-D/G

Model : LCM-D/G410 ~ LCMD/G-7400 × 2Filteration
area : 410m2 ~ 14800m2
Volume : 36,900m3/h ~ 1,332,000m3/h

Off-line three phrase cleaning device with advanced technology. Operating reliably and cleaning bags thoroughly.

Utilizing new inlet flow equalization and hopper diversion technology, which guarantees air flow equal distribution discharging dust smoothly.

Diagraphragm and compressees air header with large capacity can meet users` different requirements, high pressure(G) and low pressure(D).

Easy to assembly bags,strictly tight seal.changing bags out of casing

Imported advanced automatic cage production line can meet cages have reliable quality and good apperance.

Advanced PLC with three control methods including differential pressure, time-setting and manual can meetusers` different requirements.Sensors such as temperature and level indicator can send alarm.

It has approved by provincial environmental protection bureau and being used in many steel plants including Baosteel, kunming iron and steel company and Anyang iron and steel group company and so on.

Widely used in dust control and recycling in many industries such as metallurgical industry, chemical industry, building material industry, founding industry,electric power industry and boiler industry and so on.


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