Steel plate removal system turnkey technology

£®1£©2nd & 3rd de-dusting and flue gas arrestors

£®2£© Dry gas due-dusting system of blast furnace
-  High de-dusting efficiency; Concentration of emission is below 5mg/Nm3 ; No secondary pollution; Remarkable social benefit
- 40% more power generated from TRT power generation; Low investment; Remarkable social benefit
- Simple process; Low operation and management cost

£®3£© Electric furnace de-dusting system
 - Emission inside furnace; Assembly emission of enclosed hood and roof; several de-dusting plan
 -  Several cooling method of high temperature gas or recovering waste heat
 - Publish dedusting books for steel making of electric furnace, and participate in compiling of  the specifications and requirements

£®4£©Filtering system of rotating furnace
- Optimize 2nd de-dusting, assist new 3rd de-dusting
- Improve environment of convertor
- Control fume phenomenon
- Improve operation environment in workshop
- Dust density at job position is lower than 5mg/m3

£®5£© Bag filter revamping form ESP
- Multiple control of air inlet velocity  and flow distribution
- Adopt airflow guide and distribution to improve efficiency and drop resistance, and prevent impact and abrasion of bags. 
- Stepped arrange bag along the outlet wind direction of bag filter
- Offline inspect valve is using oval poppet valve to valid utilize the space of ESP.
- Adopt long length bag of 8-12M.


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