Overview of the steel plate

They are the greatest air pollution emissions from steel industry due to large scale production and great consumption of resources and energy. The major sources of atmospheric pollutants are sintering, coking, iron and steel production. Engineering technology of Kelin covers the following:
Sintering de-dusting includes: preparation of raw materials and ingredients de-dusting, mixture material de-dusting, head of sintering de-dusting, chamber & cooler de-dusting, grain & finished product bunker de-dusting and sintered de-dusting of bag filter revamping from ESP. For details sintering desulfurization, see the introduction of desulfurization and denitration.
Pellet de-dusting includes: raw materials de-dusting, ingredients de-dusting, mixture material de-dusting, roast & cooling de-dusting and finished product de-dusting.
Coking de-dusting includes: coal & coke de-dusting, coking plant de-dusting (coke production, load and emission) and coke quenching de-dusting, refractory material, lime and raw material de-dusting.
Blast furnace de-dusting includes: ore coke tank, transfer station de-dusting, blast furnace dry gas de-dusting, cast house de-dusting, de-dusting of furnace roof, grind system of coal.
Continue steel production de-dusting includes: electric furnace, refining furnace de-dusting, 1st, 2nd & 3rd de-dusting of convertor, AOD de-dusting, pre-treatment and invertible tank of liquid iron, de-dusting of flame cutting and grinder.
Ferroalloy de-dusting includes: mineral hot electric arc furnace de-dusting, electric furnace de-dusting of ferrotungsten, roasting furnace of molybdenum & iron, smelting furnace de-dusting, rotary kiln de-dusting of vanadium & iron.
Rolling de-dusting includes: acid pickling de-dusting for cold rolled, rolling mill de-dusting for hot rolled, tube de-dusting, leveling machine de-dusting and sand blasting & grinder.



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