Solid waste, hazardous waste incineration sector overview

£¨1£©Fume cleaning technology of household waste
Furnace SNCR+ dry rotary spray+ dry sodium bicarbonate (or calcium hydroxide)+ activated carbon injection+ bag filter+ SCR denitration(reserved)& depicking technology£¬exhaust gas treatment system can provides EPC services for solid waste of 150t/d~1000 t/d.
      £¨2£©Fume cleaning technology of hazardous waste
SNCR+ desuperheating tower + dry (lime hydrate)+  activated carbon adsorption + bag filter + GGH + wet depicking technology, exhaust gas treatment system can provides EPC services for hazardous waste of 30t/d~120 t/d and sludge incinerate of 100t/d~400 t/d.
      £¨3£©Expunging white
Firstly, drop the temperature of fume and dehydration by improve the scrubber. Then, heat the outlet low temperature fume of scrubber to design requirements. Using expunging white device to treat the fume and achieve the purpose of remove the white smoke.



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