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  • Bag filter
  • Furnace shell for metallurgy &
  • Waste heat boiler & water-cool
  • RH furnace smelt & steel ladle
  • Control and electric automatio
  • Mechanical/pneumatic conveying
  • Microwave equipment for handli
  • Process technology of desulphu
  • Cooling equipment for high-Tte
  • Wet type ESP
  • Super-high temperature filter
  • Power to change bags and bags
  • Cyclone filter
  • Equipments matched to filter
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    • Model ZC¢ó rotary reverse air flat bag filter Title£ºModel ZC¢ó rotary reverse air flat bag filter
      Content£ºModel£º24ZC200¡«240ZC-600 Filtration area£º38m 2 ¡«1140m 2 Volume£º2400m 3 /h¡«171000m 3 /h ZC¢ó is designed based on many years practice and absorbing strongpoints from foreign goods of the same kinds. Dusty gas enters into filter in tang...
    • Model MDC coal-grinding bag filter Title£ºModel MDC coal-grinding bag filter
      Content£ºModel£ºMDC16-3¡«MDC47-16 Filtration area£º48m 2 ¡«750m 2 Volume£º2000m 3 /h¡«45000m 3 /h Use anti-static filtration material. Anti-explosion structure with warning of super temperature and pressure-releasing device, and can link with butte...
    • DMC pulse bag filter Title£ºDMC pulse bag filter
      Content£ºModel : DMC32 ~ DMC160 Filter area : 24m2 ~ 120m2 Air volume : 1500m3 / h ~ 12000m3 / h Using 500 ~ 700KPa high-voltage pulse injection , cleaning function , good effect. Outside the machine for bags , easy installation and maintenance . S...
    • Pulse jet combination bag filter MODEL TBLMZA Title£ºPulse jet combination bag filter MODEL TBLMZA
      Content£ºModel: TBLMZa.9 ¡« TBLMZa.36 Filtration area £º 6.5m 2 ¡« 26m 2 Volume £º 1334m 3 /h ¡« 4390m 3 /h Cyclindrical tangential air inlet. With function of primary dedusting by being equipped with baffles. Combining the bag filter and fan into...
    • TZMBCa combination pulse flat bag filter Title£ºTZMBCa combination pulse flat bag filter
      Content£ºTZMBCa combination pulse flat bag filter Model: TZMBCa.6¡«TZMBCa.36 Filtration area£º6m 2 ¡«15m 2 Volume£º1500m 3 /h¡«3000m 3 /h Fan integrates with filter to shorten wind net and simplify process flow. With tight structure and small area,...
    • PL- ¢ò model dedusting unit Title£ºPL- ¢ò model dedusting unit
      Content£ºModel: PL-800 ¡« PL-6000 FILTRATION AREA £º 4m 2 ¡« 30m 2 Volume £º 800m 3 /h ¡« 6000m 3 /h Fan, bag collector together as a unit, the structure is very stable and good performance. It is also convient for maintainance. Using flat bag, wid...