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  • Bag filter
  • Furnace shell for metallurgy &
  • Waste heat boiler & water-cool
  • RH furnace smelt & steel ladle
  • Control and electric automatio
  • Mechanical/pneumatic conveying
  • Microwave equipment for handli
  • Process technology of desulphu
  • Cooling equipment for high-Tte
  • Wet type ESP
  • Super-high temperature filter
  • Power to change bags and bags
  • Cyclone filter
  • Equipments matched to filter
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    • Process technology of desulphurization, denitration, heavy m Title£ºProcess technology of desulphurization, denitration, heavy m
      Content£º£¨1£©Wet desulphurization: limestone-plaster, magnesia, ammonia, etc. £¨2£©Semi-dry desulphurization: PWDE drag flow process (EFA), introduced from Germany, possesses the best desulphurization efficiency, and can remove SO2, SO3, HCL, HF, d...
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