Flue gas desulphurization and denitrification and organic wa

£®1£©Wet fume desulfurization: limestone – plaster, magnesia, sodium alkali, ammonia
£®2£©Semi-dry fume desulfurization: EFA (circulating fluidized bed), rotating spray
£®3£©Dry fume desulfurization: active carbon
£®4£©Fume denitration: selective non-catalytic reduction De-NOx (SCNR) + selective catalytic reduction De-NOx (SCR)
£®5£©Integration technology for fume desulfurization & denitration; Integration technology for active coke and fume desulfurization & denitration
£®6£©Off gas treatment: activated carbon adsorption & catalytic combustion technology
The above technology can be equipped by requirements, and supply EPC servers.


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