filter for waste incineration

Style: LCM/KE pulse bag filter
Filtration area: 430m24810m2
Volume: 20000 m3/h270000m3/h

  • Mature long bag (8m as the longest) pulse cleaning techniques; proprietary technique of balancing inlet flow.
  • It can work for long time under the temperature of 260 (the peak is 280), and can meet various projects’ conditions.
  • Keep fluidity of flue gas to decrease corruption. Devices of electric heating or steam heating are also set for filter.
  • There are choices of low and middle pressure for cleaning according to different conditions, and it is guaranteed of 1 million times or over 5 years for efficiency.
  • Imported equipment is adopted for automatic welding of cages to make sure smoothness of cages. Organic silicon is used to make sure higher anti-corruption and longer lifespan, considering the characteristics of waste incineration.
  • PLC automatic electric control is adopted for high automatization. And no man is needed for operation and maintenance.
  • Glass fibre, glass fibre + PTFE, Gore-Tex + PTFE or pure PTFE, etc. are chosen for filtration material, considering characteristics of waste incineration. 36 months is guaranteed for bag’s lifespan.
  • 30mg/Nm3 for dust content of purified flue gas (even can as low as 10mg/Nm3).
  • This product has been successfully used for handling flue gas of waste incineration for Wuhu Waste Power Plant, Hangzhou Green Energy Waste Incineration Factory and so on for more than 5 years.
  • It is widely used for incineration handling of medical waste, dangerous castoff and life waste in city.


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