filter for electric coal-fired boiler

Product name: filter for electric coal-fired boiler
Module: LCM/KE pulse bag filter for efficient boiler
Filtration area: 1540m234200m2
Volume: 90000 m3/h2050000m3/h
Suitable project situation: purification of 35T~1025T boiler flue gas (6MW~300MW assembly)

Internationally advanced special ladder-like inlet/outlet flow distribution techniques and flow-balancing techniques of hopper are adopted instead of conventional inlet style of inclined pipe. The use of the new techniques can not only balance flow, but also can decrease resistance for equipment, so elongate lifespan of bags.

Special techniques of stainless double-valve plate set inside bypass flue is adopted for design to make sure zero leakage of system. Simulative resistance techniques keep long-term stable running of system.

Electrical heating techniques for filter’s hopper is adopted according to characteristics of hot flue gas of boiler, and can effectively preventing flue gas from getting into dew and dust building up.

Blowing assembly techniques of double-header large volume of gas storage are designed to realize more efficient cleaning.

Convenient to install bags, good sealing, realize replacing bags outside of machine.

Foreign automatic production line of cages are introduced. Surface is smooth with reliable quality and beautiful outlook.

PPS filtration material is adopted which can be used for more than 3 years.

Adopt imported pulse valve, of which the membrane for wearing items has a lifespan of more than 1 million times.

The 3 kinds of advanced controller of differential pressure, time and manual can control filter’s cleaning pulse valve, off-line valve, discharging valve, bypass valve, electric heating for hopper, level and temperature comprehensively.

This product has been certified by provincial level and has been widely used for over 100 sets of boilers’ flue gas purification for Huhehaote City Developing Heating Company, Wuxi Youlian Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd., etc.

It is mainly used for dust collection of hot flue gas produced by boiler in power plant, and it is guaranteed to below the national emission standard of 50 mg/Nm3.


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