LCC-KE Super-long-bag pulse filter

The LCC-KE super-long-bag pulse filter is designed for projects with site area not enough. This kind of machine adopts current equalization at the side, efficient soft-cleaning technology, large-flow-amount poppet valve, large-volume header and double-layer sealing poppet, etc, so is characterized by high efficiency, small floor area, low consumption of steel, stable operation and convenient maintenance and management, etc. It effectively solved many key problems, such as flow distribution, large-flow-amount filtering and pulse cleaning, removing of high-density dust and decreasing of filtering resistance, choosing of filtering velocity as well as filtering efficiency, etc.
Assessed by machinery industrial boiler and environmental product quality control and testing center, all tested items of this kind product meet technical requirement of HJ/T 328-2006, JB/T 8532-2008, JB/T 10191-2010, GB/T 6719-2009 and provisions of related national standard. It has passed technical appraisal of  Economy and Information Technology Commission, and can be generally applied for dust collection of gas in industry of electricity, metallurgy, building machine, etc


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